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What is Veterans Financial Relief Solutions?
Veterans Helping Veterans

      VfrSolutions is an agency run by and for Veterans.  We will help you to identify your financial and/or legal concerns.  When  we apply for a job, the employer runs and looks at reports, then makes a decision to hire.  When we apply to a landlord to rent an apartment or house, the Landlord runs reports and decides to rent to you or not.  When you apply to open a bank account the banker runs a report and then decides if he/she wants your business.  Sometimes  when these reports are analyzed it can and does prevent Veterans from renting an apartment, or opening a bank account, or even getting that job.

These are the issues that can and do keep our Veterans homeless.  What we are is a group of Vet’s that have become aware of the barrier’s to a fulfilling life.  These barrier’s include but are not limited to:  IRS tax liability’s and unfiled tax returns for many years.  The same with the State of California franchise tax board.  Child support court orders for monthly support payments and arrearages.    Defaulted Student loans.  Unpaid court fines.  Over payments by the Social Security Administration, Unemployment compensation,  State Disability payments, Veteran’s Administration Pension payments.

     What we have learned is that these issue’s by and large at the beginning of the debt are not overwhelming.  But when they are ignored they can and do take on a life of their own.  Suddenly they start to accumulate penalty’s and interest charges and then become overwhelming.  What we can do for Veterans is to identify these issue’s and open a line of communication with the original financial entities to negotiate a manageable arrangement with the appropriate agency’s, and we will verify and validate all supposed obligations , and to remove the inaccurate ones from  any reports generated.  After an initial interview we will advise the Veteran of the various programs available to address these issue’s, and help them follow through with all appropriate correspondence to bring these issue’s to a resolution.
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